Hino 195h Hybrid

The Hino 195h Diesel-Electric Hybrid cab-over represents a giant leap for low-emission commercial vehicles in North America. A truck that runs 32,000 km per year and gets 20L/100km (14 mpg) will use 6,418 litres of fuel in a year. A comparable hybrid can reduce fuel consumption up to 30% reducing GHG emissions and costs of operation.

Can accommodate body lengths 12 to 20 feets

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GVW 19,500 lbs / 8,850 kg
Axle capacity Front 6,830 lbs / 3,100 kg
Rear 13,660 lbs / 6,200 kg
Hino engine J05E-UG 4-cylinder, 5.1 litre turbo diesel
Maximum output 210 hp
Maximum torque 440 lb-ft
Transmission 6-speed Aisin A465 O/D with lock-up torque converter
Service brakes Hydraulic disc brakes with ABS and brake wear warning
Tire size 225/70R19.5
Driver’s seat Electromagnetic suspension, fabric covered 
Passenger’s seat 2-seater bench, fixed, fabric covered 


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How does the system work?

Hino’s parallel diesel-electric hybrid system combines its 5.1L 210 HP turbocharged diesel engine with a battery-powered electric traction motor with 350 Nm torque. The 36kW traction motor assists the diesel engine during acceleration.

How the Hino 195h Hybrid works

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Customer Care Program

Hino covers each new truck with one of the best customer service programs in the industry: the 1-3-5 Customer Care Program. The program includes a 5-year warranty against engine and transmission breakage, 3 years Hinowatch roadside assistance and 1 year scheduled maintenance (up to 50,000 kilometers).

1 year / 50,000 km

Preventive care

3 years

Roadside assistance

5 years

Cab over engine warranty

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